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The NBA Bubble is better than my real life

Photo via ESPN

TORONTO. - Aside from my life in Animal Crossing New Horizons, the NBA bubble is where it’s at.

Picture this: waking up each day near a magical castle in sunny Orlando. Your best friends are living with you—each in their own room/presidential suite (depending on how iconic they are) with endless gaming systems, food delivered straight to your door for every meal, and a free ride pass to some of the best rollercoasters in Florida.

Pair that with being able to play basketball with your pals whenever you feel like it all while escaping the regular responsibilities of every day life, like kids and wives, and crazy side girls. It’s basically basketball heaven. Well, not all of the players agree with that statement. LeBron James tweeted about the bubble and compared it to going to prison…

Prison vibes and all, the NBA bubble is more than just a protective dome to keep players and media members safe during a very unique playoff situation. It’s a lifestyle. And for some athletes, like Trail Blazers’ Damian Lillard, the bubble is a canvas for creating art in the form of rap music. Yup, after Dame D.O.L.L.A. hits the paint, he skips the kiddie rides and focuses on making music in his mini recording studio within his suite. If you haven’t heard Dame’s most recent album, go download it ASAP rocky. It’s hype. Back to the bubble, though. If you love nature, they’ve got nature walks. If you love tennis, there’s a clay court for that, too. Fishing? Most definitely. Golf in all its glory? Oh, heck yes! And if you live for the hoppy taste of a cold one, there’s a new challenge in town. It all began with Pelicans’ JJ Redick shotgunning a Bud Light in an ice bath. Then “The Hammer” himself, Miami’s Meyers Leonard, took to Twitter and gladly accepted the shotgun challenge by downing a full Coors Light can in THREE seconds. If he ever retires, Leonard could kick some serious butt in a food-eating contest. I just know it. Utah’s Jordan Clarkson ‘jazzed’ things up with a shirtless shotgun ft. a Corona tall boy and a fellow teammate in an icy tub joining in on the challenge in the background. Clarkson called out both Leonard and Redick for shotgunning “baby beers” and of course, Leonard crushed back with a 16oz monster can of Corona in a race alongside Clarkson. Meyers finished first, but when he slammed his can on the ground, it sounded a little on the heavy side. Not like the Heat have a history with cheating or anything. Eye roll. The shotgunning has come to a halt for now, but as a fan of watching people enjoy the little things in life, I look forward to the next man up in this fun new challenge in the NBA bubble. If y’all need to tag someone in, I’m pretty much the shotgun queen and have been keeping the bench warm for far too long. Put me in, Coach. I’d take the bubble life over my Kraft Dinner any day. 

Originally published on La Portada Canada.

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